Contacto is a Young Talent Program and so it requires you to have finished your bachelor’s or master’s degree by the onboarding month which will be September of 2024. You should not have worked for more than 2 years after wrapping up your academic studies, not including curricular or academic internships. Lastly, you should be comfortable speaking English, but other languages are valued too!

Here you will be able to start your professional path alongside many other trainees. Your development is a priority for Sonae, so you will have the opportunity to develop skills outside of your professional role. Thus, you will be faced with constant challenges and learning opportunities which will enable you to grow both in a personal and professional sense!

We are looking for open-minded people that bring a new perspective to our teams. We challenge you to be a risk taker, curious, dynamic and to always be true to yourself; as we believe that a diverse environment is the key to success.

We have offices in Porto and Lisbon, so you will be based on either of these locations depending on where your team is. Most of our opportunities are hybrid so you will have both remote and at the office days.

The recruitment process has 3 different stages. The first one is the online application where you will be asked to submit your CV and answer some quick questions. The second stage is the online tests where you will be able to show your skillset through logical and personality tests.

The final stage has 3 different moments within it:
- It starts with a Pitch Interview where you will be challenged to tell us more about yourself, your goals and what sets you apart from the rest of the candidates. We encourage you to be bold and creative.
- Then there will be the Meet-up day at our headquarters where you will learn more about Sonae World, showcase your skills as well as meet different business leaders and opportunities that are available for you.
- Lastly, you will book interviews directly with the Business Leaders for the opportunities that interest you the most.

After all of this, we are sure you will be able to find your perfect match.

The Contacto Program is 9 months long. This year all the opportunities will start in the beginning of September and end in May 2025, so it is the perfect choice for someone who is finishing their studies and wants to start their professional journey soon.

We see Contacto as the beginning of a long journey at Sonae.
At the end of the program most of the trainees stay at Sonae and find their place here. Some trainees stay in the same team while others switch to another job position within the group.

Besides your team and business unit, the Contacto team will always give you all the support you need. Furthermore, you will have a Contacto Buddy who was a trainee in a previous edition to help you throughout your journey.

Yes, definitely! Everyone is welcome at Contacto regardless of their nationality!

Sonae has an extensive portfolio in different industries so there are multiple opportunities for you to choose from. Among the different companies, you can work in different areas such as commercial, IT, marketing, strategy, data analytics and so on.
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