Let us show you why Young Talent programs aren’t all the same.

Not all Young Talent programs are the same.

We’re more than meets the eye

Conviced Sonae is just retail and fitness chains? Think again. Behind every brand, there are endless opportunities in data science, engineering, development, UX, business intelligence, marketing and cybersecurity. Through Contacto, you’ll encounter a bold and vibrant ecosystem while benefiting from a shared - yet unique! - experience.

Own your journey

You’re bold, and we like that. Join a team that values you for who you are. At Contacto, you’ll create your opportunity: choose what challenges you take on, the business leader you partner with, and see your impact multiplied.

Ready to find out why you own your journey at Sonae?

Own your journey, from the start of the selection process

Online Application

It’s gotta start somewhere. Complete our application form and send over your CV.

Online Application

It’s gotta start somewhere. Complete our application form and send over your CV.

Online Tests

We value you for who you are, so show us your true colours in these general skills and personality tests.

Pitch Interview

We want to know more about you, so we will challenge you to tell us more about who you are!

Meet-up Day

Come say hello, learn all about Sonae, showcase your skills and meet your match!


It’s your moment to decide which projects resonate with you and what you want in your journey.

Will we be your perfect match?

Profile & Skills

You’re ready to be yourself, strive in an environment where boldness is valued and you’re energised by difference.


You’re the proud owner (or are soon to be) of a Bachelor’s or Master degree (completed until May or September 2023, depending on onboarding date)

Work Experience

Your work journey is up to 2 years after wrapping up your academic studies. This excludes internships developed in academic or curricular contexts.


You’re no stranger to English. If you speak other languages, we’ll value that too!


You’ve freed up your busy schedule and are ready to start with us either in May or September 2023.

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